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Newcomer service

Everyone should feel well received in Esbjerg Municipality. In 2013, Esbjerg Municipality established a service that guides new citizens in connection with relocations.
You can find real help in Esbjerg, whether you are a new citizen or are considering to become one. Esbjerg Municipality’s Newcomer Service has become popular among new citizens and companies in the area.

Newcomer service

Esbjerg Municipality has established Newcomer Service, which helps new citizens to settle in. The employees in Newcomer Service assist you with housing search, childcare, schooling and other practical issues related to the relocation.

The employees are likewise busy helping partners to find a job. They work together with companies and other public institutions in the region.

Newcomer Service has a good knowledge regarding many possibilities for leisure activities in this region. Additionally, it establishes and operates many networks for new citizens – both Danes and foreigners.



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