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Unique nature experiences

In Esbjerg Municipality, you get unique nature experiences that are not found elsewhere. Here you have both space and opportunity to feel the elements and experience magical moments.
You are always close to nature in Esbjerg. The Wadden Sea and the North Sea are chapters for themselves. In the cities, the green areas are highly prioritised, and you do not need to drive many kilometres to find yourself on one of the best beaches in Denmark or the marvellous nature. You can explore the wildlife by visiting forests, creeks or lakes, taking on a seal-watching, feeding a deer, or watching the impressive flocks of starlings gathering together over the landscape, before migrating.

Wildlife at the Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea’s wildlife is unique, and it fills both the air and the flat water.

It is not possible to experience so many migrating birds as here. Between ten and twelve million waterfowls travel through the Wadden Sea’s area every year on their way from or to their breeding grounds. The Wadden Sea has Denmark’s largest population of harbour seals, and the shallow waters are breeding grounds for many of our most important fish species.

When the tide pulls away, it opens up a true cornucopia of food for the Wadden Sea’s birds. Some people find nice things. For instance, some people collect oysters; others search for amber or even study the rich birdlife. If you are lucky, you may even see seals very close.


You can learn more about the Wadden Sea's flora and fauna at the Wadden Sea Centre.

Wonderful forests and plantations

Marbæk Plantation

You will find forests, heaths, beaches, trails, running routes and mountain bike trails in the large Marbæk Plantation north of Esbjerg. Marbæk Plantation has over 30 km of marked nature trail, 15 km of bridle paths and 3 km of mountain bike trail.

The beautiful and varied area invites you to many outdoor activities. The lakes with their abundant bird life, the wide net of trails, the beaches and the dunes are just waiting for you to explore them.

Vognsbøl Park and Deer Park

There is a green oasis in the middle of Esbjerg, where Vognsbøl Park and Deer Park are located. Vognsbøl Park and Deer Park offer nature experiences for young and old people. If you stroll around the park and the lakes, you have the opportunity to feed the ducks, goats and several different kinds of deer in the Deer Park.

The green areas are ideal for ball games and other games, and they are the stage for a series of races and musical events every year.

The beaches

Amazing beaches

Some of the best beaches in Denmark are located under 30 minutes from Esbjerg. The North Sea is one of the preferred holiday destinations for many tourists, who enjoy the impressive sand beaches along the west coast. It takes 30 minutes by car to get to the famous beaches of Blåvand. If you prefer an island atmosphere, it takes just 12 minutes by ferry to Fanø, where you can enjoy many kilometres of magnificent beaches.

Additionally, Esbjerg Municipality is part of Denmark’s largest national park – the Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea is one of the world’s most valuable tidal areas. It is a unique nature reserve full of life and experiences. The Wadden Sea is calm, and it has glittering inland waters and waves that bang into the other side of the dykes.

Go out and experience nature in Esbjerg Municipality

You have the opportunity to experience nature in an exclusive way in Esbjerg Municipality. The list below shows an overview of different major visit areas and inspiration for your nature experience in Esbjerg.


On mountain bike in nature

If you like speed and action in nature, you are not far away from the nearest mountain bike trails. They are both challenging and beautiful. They are likewise an excellent way to experience nature.

Marbæk Plantation is located in the north of Esbjerg. Stensbæk Plantation is located in the east of Ribe. In Fanø, you can experience Fanø Plantation, and near Varde there are Sønder Heden Plantation and South Plantation (Søndre Plantage).  You will find great mountain bike trails in all places.

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