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Culture and experiences in Esbjerg

You are not going to get bored.
Esbjerg is the right place for you that would like to broaden your horizons and have amazing experiences. There is always something happening in Esbjerg, whether you are interested in music, art, theatre, museum or even Denmark’s history.

Venues in Esbjerg

Music must be experienced live!

You will find Musikhuset and Tobakken in the heart of Esbjerg. The two major music and theatre locations are the places, where artists often come to play. Furthermore, there are a lot of small venues, which provide opportunities to the upcoming bands to spread their music.

Museums and attractions

The local museums and attractions offer exciting experiences all year round. Discover, learn, try and be challenged. The museums have a strong focus on communicating diverse issues in an exciting way for both adults and children.

Whatever type of museum or attraction you prefer, you can look forward to spending a few hours or maybe an entire day there.



Do you prefer Romeo and Juliet or Ronia – the Robber’s Daughter? Esbjerg Municipality offers a wide range of options, whether you are interested in theatre, ballet, opera, musicals or stand-up scenes. Esbjerg Municipality’s biggest stage is located at Musikhuset Esbjerg.


Amateurs on the stage

If you are interested in amateur theatre, you can join Esbjerg Børne- og Ungdomsteater in Esbjerg, Teatret Drakomir in Ribe and Gadespejlet in Bramming. Gadespejlet offers amateur productions with both children and adults.


You can experience art everywhere in Esbjerg.

In fact, Esbjerg’s most famous landmark is a piece of art. The colossal sculpture “Man meets the Sea” is composed of four impressive white figures, which are looking out over the sea. The inspiration is partly from the enigmatic stone statues of Easter Island. Esbjerg’s version can be seen from 10 kilometres away.

Esbjerg Ensemble

Esbjerg Ensemble is the region’s cultural beacon regarding classical chamber music. The ensemble is known for its innovative and versatile programming as well as its strong sense of quality. The ensemble consists of 10 skilled musicians from all around the world divided into wind quintet, string quartet and percussion.

Esbjerg Ensemble was founded in 1967, as the first professional chamber ensemble in Denmark. The foundation was the result of initiatives from local forces together with the Ministry of Culture. It was a visionary idea, which has since inspired many other cities in the world.

Read more on their website

Kulturskolen - a creative powerhouse

You will find a creative environment at Kulturskolen in Esbjerg. Here you find, among other offers, Denmark’s biggest talent department for The Royal Danish Ballet School (Den Kongelige Balletskole).

At Kulturskolen everything melts into one big and creative powerhouse, where different art styles can inspire each other.

Kulturskolen also offers music, visual arts, theatre and ballet.

See more on Kulturskolens' website

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