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You will find vacancies within the following areas in Esbjerg: information technology, engineering and technology, management and personnel, trade and service, industry and craft, sales and communication, teaching, office and finance, social and health, etc. In other words, you will find many career opportunities in Esbjerg. According to the forecasts, there will be an increase of 3.300 jobs in Esbjerg until 2020. This is the biggest significant growth regarding jobs throughout Region of Southern Denmark. With 3.300 new jobs in the coming years, you might be able to find your future job in Esbjerg. It is especially in the energy industry that a major growth is expected. The energy sector is well represented in Esbjerg. The concentration of companies engaged in the energy sector is higher in Esbjerg than in anywhere else in Denmark. Every ninth job is within the energy sector in Esbjerg Municipality. 3 out of 4 Danish wind turbines are shipped out from the Port of Esbjerg. Therefore, Esbjerg is described as being Denmark's energy capital. In EnergyMeropolis Esbjerg, about 20 of the city’s companies stand together in joint recruitment efforts aiming to attract highly educated workers to Esbjerg. See a presentation of the partner companies here. Esbjerg offers many other things besides work. There are excellent opportunities for the whole family. Here are many childcare facilities, good schools for all ages and needs, modern facilities for secondary schools, as well as a range of higher education institutions. In other words, you will find good conditions for the whole family in Esbjerg.    

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