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Esbjerg offers excellent career opportunities for both new graduates and experienced candidates.
Esbjerg is Denmark's youngest big city and the gateway to the west. The short, but eventful history means that Esbjerg is a city in growth and development. It is not without reason that companies like Rambøll, Total, Blue Water Shipping and Semco Maritime have invested heavily in Esbjerg. There is a short distance from thought to action, and career opportunities are good for both new graduates and experienced candidates in Esbjerg.

Move Denmark, move to Esbjerg

You may not know it, but you have the opportunity to move Denmark in Esbjerg. 13.500 people work in 250 energy companies on smart energy solutions, which drive Denmark.

The activities in Esbjerg help to ensure Denmark’s position as a leading intelligent energy nation, and our offshore activities contribute significantly to the Danish treasury. It sizzles and bubbles here, and the companies need more skilled candidates to challenging jobs.

If you need more than an exciting job to move you to Esbjerg, you can check out the city’s many possibilities. Housing prices are low, and you can spend your higher disposable income on shopping, theatre, music, art, sport, mountain bike, and getting around in our beautiful nature. YOU are the only thing we are missing

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Esbjerg offers an abundance of career opportunities for both new graduates and experienced candidates. In Esbjerg, many workplaces are in the energy industry, and the strong cluster of energy companies rubs on Esbjerg’s other businesses, which are benefited from the strong economy.

We have collected some interesting articles on the job market in Esbjerg and surrounding areas. There are also interviews with some of the area’s HR managers, who give advice on how to get started with an exciting career. Follow the link below and get inspired.

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Good conditions and development opportunities for doctors in Esbjerg

Doctor in general practice

There are excellent opportunities to settle down as a medical practitioner in Esbjerg Municipality. In Esbjerg city, there is everything from solo practice to large medical centres in the heart of the city. Generally, there is a good foundation for professional knowledge sharing as well as good educational opportunities for newly graduated doctors.

Doctor at Sydvestjysk Sygehus (Hospital South West Jutland)

Sydvestjysk Hospital is located in Esbjerg, and it has about 2.500 employees covering almost all specialities. At Sydvestjysk Hospital, the training of young doctors is a top priority. Therefore, it is natural to look for jobs in Esbjerg, if you want to ensure that your future workplace is a good educational environment and has good development opportunities.

Need for engineers

It is Esbjerg’s position within oil and gas, and more than ten years of knowledge in setting up offshore wind farms that make Esbjerg Denmark’s EnergyMetropolis.

In Esbjerg, the focus is on two main areas – Energy on the ocean and bioenergy systems. The primary skills that you will find within these areas are offshore energy, bio-energy, intelligent energy, plastic industry as well as work environment and safety.

Currently, tThere are more than 1.000 consulting engineers in Esbjerg. At the same time, you will find approximately 11.000 jobs within oil and gas, and 2.500 within offshore wind power industry.

Opportunities for entrepreneurs

There are optimal opportunities for entrepreneurs in Esbjerg Municipality, where there is ample opportunity to get the necessary help in the start-up phase, and where the digital conditions are top notch.

Advice and guidance 

At Business Esbjerg, the business advisers are always ready to advise on possibilities, and they have deep knowledge about the Municipality’s business.

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