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Primary Schools

Public and private schools in Esbjerg.
In Esbjerg Municipality, we have seven public schools, one børneby, five private schools, one continuation school and one international school.


Public schools

We have seven public schools in Esbjerg Municipality. It is your address that determines which school district your child belongs to.

On Esbjerg Municipality’s website, you can find a list of folkeskolerne i Esbjerg Kommune.

Private schools

Esbjerg Municipality has a range of options, if you wish to send your child to a private school.

You can find a list of privatskoler i Esbjerg Kommune.

International school

We also have an International School in Esbjerg (EIS). The school has currently about 250 students representing no less than 40 nationalities and ranging from 3-17 years.

At the International School, English is the primary language of instruction. However, students can be enrolled regardless of their knowledge of English and age.

Esbjerg has an international secondary school since 2015, and there are several international higher education institutions in Esbjerg.

See the International School's website

Practical information about schools in Esbjerg Municipality

When you move to Esbjerg Municipality with one child or children, your child has right to be admitted to the public school that belongs to the school district, where you live.

If you do not wish your child to go to a public school in your school district, you can freely choose to enrol her/him in another public school, as long as there is available place there.

Read more about the public schools in Esbjerg Municipality

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