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Higher education

There are plenty of options in Studiebyen Esbjerg. For instance, there are two universities, one business academy, one university college, one marine engineer school and one Danish National Academy of Music in Esbjerg Municipality.
Esbjerg is an informal and straightforward university city. There are many offers and also a distinctive closeness in the study environment. Esbjerg offers more than 60 higher education courses. About 6.500 students have spotted Esbjerg as a university city and then decided to move here to study.

The study environment in focus

Studiebyen Esbjerg works to create the best frame for a good study environment. This is important, as it helps students to feel welcome. Therefore, they have assembled a team of students from higher education institutions that work to make life as a student as pleasant as possible. For instance, they do it by welcoming all new students and offering social activities for all students across fields of study.

As a student in Esbjerg, you are automatically part of the community and can participate in approximately 20 free events each semester. The students themselves are responsible for the arrangements, and the varied program ranges from concerts and sports to the legendary pub-crawl for all new students.

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Higher education in Esbjerg

There are 6 higher education institutions and about 60 fields of study in Studiebyen in Esbjerg.

Student housing in Esbjerg

Studiebolig Esbjerg can help you, when you want to live at colleges that offer different prices, sizes, and are located everywhere in Esbjerg. Some of them are located near educational institutions, and others, near the city centre. Besides this, there are four housing associations, which offer all sorts of apartments. You can also take a look at Ugeavisen Esbjerg on Wednesday – You must be quick on the trigger, as the rent is cheap, and the demand is significant.

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City life in Esbjerg

In Skolegade, you will find several discos with everything from house music to 80’s hits. When the sun starts to rise, there are various cosy pubs, which gladly serve the last pint of beer.

You can enjoy some lovely food in Esbjerg, whether you want to impress your new girlfriend, go out with your friends or simply eat something delicious. In Esbjerg, you will find all kinds of restaurants offering everything from three-course gourmet menus, sushi, cafe food, pizza and junk, Chinese food, Thai food, Italian food to a good Danish steak with onions.

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HUSET Esbjerg - For students

HUSET Esbjerg is Esbjerg’s student and cultural centre. It is located in the heart of Esbjerg, and it acts as a natural gathering place for Esbjerg’s students in everyday life and to party.

You can experience concerts, lectures and watch movies in the new art cinema at HUSET. This place can be used for almost all forms of creative expressions. The HUSET’s philosophy is user-driven, so the users themselves have an impact on defining the content and profile of the place.

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