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Secondary education in Esbjerg Municipality

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Secondary education in Esbjerg offers both traditions and activities such as diversity, high professional profiles, modern facilities and attractive study environments. Additionally, you will find a particular focus on science and practical working methods from kindergarten to university.

Secondary education

A good secondary education can form the basis for further education, and Esbjerg offers a full range of choices for secondary education.

There are HF, general secondary schools and trade schools in Ribe and Esbjerg. There is likewise one trade high school, one technical high school, one technical school and one international high school in Esbjerg.

Secondary education in Esbjerg Municipality

New internaional diploma programme

A big step for Esbjerg

Since 2015 Esbjerg Gymnasium offered an international diploma programme (IB). The programme has been created in cooperation between companies in Esbjerg, Esbjerg Municipality, Business Development Esbjerg, Esbjerg International School and Esbjerg Gymnasium & HF.

On a national scale there are more than 200 Danish gymnasiums and only 13 approved IB schools so the new international diploma programme is a prestigious and essential part of Esbjerg’s strategy for growth towards 2020. With the rapid growth in the energy and offshore sector Esbjerg has evolved into an international city with the need of both Danish and international employees.

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Elite sports and education

In Esbjerg, you have the opportunity to go on a special Team Denmark line for young sports talents.

This means that there are flexible conditions for elite athletes, who want to take an academic education.


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