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Cookie policy

Cookie policy

This website is provided and controlled by Business Esbjerg and the Municipality of Esbjerg.

This text describes how we use cookies at The description also applies to activities which we run on third-party platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. By using, you accept at the same time, the use of cookies. Therefore, we recommend that you read the following information carefully.

What is a Cookie?
A cookie is a small text file that is stored on your computer or smartphone, when you visit a website. The cookie contains information about its origin (sender) and life cycle.

Why do we use cookies?
Cookies contain information about your web preferences, which we use to provide you with an even better experience when you visit our pages. For example, we can make it easier for you to navigate on our pages by storing your preferences for text, language and layout. primarily use cookies for 3 purposes:

-Enhance your experience of the site and the site’s performance.

-Analysis – statistics from the site e.g. the number of visitors. No personal data will be collected.


You can manage your accept here: Accept cookies | Reject cookies | Reset setting


Different types of Cookies

–  Session cookies. These cookies only live on your computer while you are using a given website and will be automatically  deleted when you leave the page.
– Persistent cookies. These cookies remain on your computer – even after you have closed your browser. Persistent cookies remember your preferences from your visits in order to improve your experience when you are surfing. They will be deleted when their life cycle comes to an end – or if you manually choose to remove them.

Furthermore there’s a difference between first-and third-party cookies.

1. First-party cookies

Webtrends – WT_FPC
Type: Persistent Cookie
Description: Analysis. Collects anonymous information about how visitors use the site, for example, the number of visitors, where the visitors come from and how long they stay on the page.
Time10 years

Google Analytics – _utma
Type: Persistent Cookie
Description: Analysis. Statistics to see the number of times a visitor has been on the site.
Time:2 years

Google Analytics – __utmb
Type: Persistent Cookie
Description: Analysis. _utmc working together with __ utmb in order to determine whether the user is a new visitor.
Time: 30 minutes

Google Analytics – __utmc
Type: Session cookie.
Description: Analysis. _utmc working together with __ utmb in order to determine whether the user is a new visitor.
Time: When the site closes

Google Analytics – __utmz
Type: Persistent Cookie
Description: Analysis. Saves traffic source or campaign, showing how the user has come to the site
Time: 6 months

Third-party cookie
will be placed by a third-party player. Most browsers can be set to block such cookies. Data from third-party cookies can only be seen and administered by a third party. Third-party cookies can be placed by e.g. Facebook or Twitter.

Twitter, Facebook and other social media cookies

Cookies are created through buttons, widgets and “social plugins”. If the user is logged in on Facebook simultaneously with a visit to, Facebook will know that the user has visited

Use of Pixel Tracking

Sometimes EnergyMetropolis uses pixel tracking, which is when a user’s visit to or a partner site is registered. Pixel tracking is anonymous, which means that no personal information is recorded or stored about the user. Only anonymous data about the user’s navigation on Energy Metropolis’s sites and on partner sites is registered.

How to delete cookies

Most browsers are set to accept the use of cookies. You can change these settings to either block all cookies or warn you when a cookie is being stored on your computer. You can read more about this in your browser’s help section.

The procedure on how to delete cookies depends on your browser. If you are in doubt as to how cookies will be saved, you can click on “help” in the “Start” menu and search for “cookies” in order to find information about where you can find the cookie folder.

You should be aware of the fact that it may affect your user experience and navigation on our websites, if you disable cookies. At the same time, there may be certain features and services, you cannot use.

Local Shared Objects (Flash cookies)

Some of our pages contain elements that use flash, e.g. videos embedded from YouTube, which uses Adobe Flash Player. In order to improve the user experience Local Shared Objects-or Flash-cookies, as they are commonly known – are stored on your computer in order to provide features such as auto-summaries. Flash cookies are stored on the user’s computer, and it is not possible to control them via a browser in the same way as cookies. Note that Flash cookies are “persistent” and must be deleted manually.

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