EnergyMetropolis is your inspiration
to job and life in Esbjerg Municipality

EnergyMetropolis Esbjerg

Your inspiration to job and life in Esbjerg Municipality.
EnergyMetropolis Esbjerg is your inspiration to job and life in Esbjerg Municipality.

Esbjerg Municipality

Esbjerg Municipality is one of the largest in Denmark. It is a beacon of growth and opportunities in West Denmark. Esbjerg, likewise known as Denmark’s Energy Metropolis, is the fifth biggest city in Denmark. It is an international and thriving city with sport and culture on high-level.

The Municipality also contains a number of charming villages and railway towns surrounded by world-class nature. Ribe is an example of an aesthetic, historical, and very popular destination in this area.


EnergyMetropolis Esbjerg is rooted in and driven by Business Esbjerg, which works in order to create growth and development in Esbjerg Municipality.

We call the essence of the qualities of this area EnergyMetropolis Esbjerg – inspired by the energy and drive, which have always characterised the population in Esbjerg as well as Esbjerg’s position as Denmark’s unchallenged offshore capital with 13.500 employees in local energy companies.

If you have questions about EnergyMetropolis Esbjerg, contact head of marketing, Birgit Bech Jensen,, +45 3697 3516.


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Inspiration to job and life in Esbjerg Municipality.

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